5 of My Favourite Things to do in the Snow

That time of year is finally upon us where the white stuff keeps coming down. Although many people dread the treacherous roads, cold air and need to shovel; I get quite a lot of joy from this time of year. Here are my top 5 things to do in the snow:

5. Strolling down Candy Cane Lane to see all of the houses decorated in their finest lights, cutouts and inflatable figures.

4. Frolicking in the snow, whether it is making snowmen or snow angels.

3. Racing my friends down the hill on a toboggan, or better yet, saucer!

2. An evening spent under the star filled sky, skating on the outdoor ice.

1. Shoveling my sidewalks & driveway – I will fight my roommate for the shovel if have to.

I realize that this may be my most Canadian post yet… maybe I should have made mention of a toque or hockey… Haha.  Another nice thing about winter is that it does not cost much to keep yourself busy. It alleviates some of the pain of the bill to heat your house!

Please share with me what your favourite outdoor winter activity is in the responses.


  1. Candy Cane Lane sounds amazing! Winter really does have a lot of fun activities. We have a beautiful outdoor skating rink downtown that is lite up beautifully this time of year!


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