Empties: November 2015

Another month has come to an end and we all know what that means! Empties! Here are the things that I used up over the past month.


London Premiere Makeup Remover Micellar Lotion

I bought this micellar lotion because of the packaging. I liked that it has a pump to load a cotton round. I hoped that it would mean less product wasted. That did turn out to be true, but it not my favourite micellar product that I have used. I felt that I needed more product than other brands that I have tried. The pump did not always work either. I definitely reached for other items before this one. I am happy to have it out of my collection and will not be repurchasing.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

This is perhaps the third tube that I have used up of this facial lotion. I really like it and see myself repurchasing it. I do have some other lotions to use up before restocking this one, but it is just a matter of time before it finds it way back in my possession.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (travel size)

Holy toledo is this mascara amazing. It came in a box set from last Christmas and I literally could not believe my eyes with the results. I do love my drugstore mascaras but the results were in a league of their own. Because drug store mascaras still do the trick for me, I don’t foresee myself purchasing this in full size but if I were to buy a high end mascara, this is without a doubt the one that I would buy.

The Body Shop – Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt

I loved this stuff so much that I blogged about it the first time that I used it. If you want to see my first impression, click here. I still love this stuff and would definitely repurchase it once all my other bath stuff is used up.

David’s Tea – Lime Gelato

I love this stuff. I have written about it in past empties as I go through this stuff so quickly. My roommate loves this stuff too. I have gotten him on the Lime Gelato band wagon. I am trying to drink up my other teas before repurchasing but will definitely repurchase.

Steeped Tea – White Chocolate Souffle

I struggled with this tea. The particles in the loose tea were so small that they fell through my mesh ball. Luckily I had some tea bags that I could put it in, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to try it. Once I was able to drink it I thought it was tasty. I don’t think that I will repurchase but that is just because there are other things that I prefer.

 Head & Shoulders (2 in 1)

I enjoy the convenience of the 2 in 1 but I might as well be using regular shampoo. I have stopped seeing benefits of using Head & Shoulders. Maybe eventually I will give it another go and it will be effective again. Until then I will try other things (let me know if you have any suggestions!).

Ardency Inn Modster Eyeliner in Gold 

This liner came in last year’s Sephora Favourites box. I had heard wonderful things about these liners from the YouTube beauty gurus. The colour was a deeper gold which I really liked but it is very glittery. I am not a huge fan of glitter, especially with something like liner. The liner had great staying power and is a great way to add some excitement to any look. Because of the price of the liner, I don’t think I would buy it again but it was a pleasant experience.

Cover FX Calming Primer (sample)

This primer felt like a moisturizing and a little went a long way. I did notice that my foundation had better staying power once I applied the primer. I don’t normally feel that I foundation had issues but I can tell when I go to wash my face that there is more still left on my face. Like the other high end products, I do not think I will buy it (this one was just a sample). It doesn’t make a big deal for me to go without a primer.

EOS Lipbalm 

Every time that I finish off one of these bad boys my dorky side comes out while I sing Another One Bites The Dust. As part of my Project Pan, I hope to use up all of the EOS balls that I have. I no longer have any in my backup so it shouldn’t be long until they are all finally gone.

Lady Speed Stick 

This was the first time that I used a Lady Speed Stick. To be honest I didn’t like it. It just didn’t seem to have the lasting power that the brand Secret has. I assume that everyone’s different and different things work for different people. This just didn’t work for me.

Secret Antiperspirant in Pasion de Tango

This deodorant works much better for me. I found it in my gym bag after I finished off the Lady Speed Stick and it reassured me that this brand really does work much better for me. I will keep using this brand because I know that it works for me.


I was surprised by how much I was able to get through this month. When I look back on even 6 months ago and how much less stuff I have, I am pretty proud of myself. I do have a way to go to be where I want but things are definitely moving in the right direction.






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