The Online Purge

Every once in a while I get fed up with all the items that I scroll past when checking my social media to get to see things that I would actually want to see.
Without fail I manage to recloud my streams with celebrities, their brand/company feed, their hairdressers, their makeup artists and sometimes even their sisters. Often times all these posts that don’t mean a thing to me will mean that I am so busy scrolling past them all that I might miss something about a friend or family member that may have meant something to me.
The last week or so I have been going through my various social media accounts and unfollowing so many people. No longer seeing what products were used to blow out Khloe Kardasian’s hair will not take away the from the value of my life but being able to notice the pictures posted of my cousins’ kids will definitely make my days a bit brighter.
Other areas were I have been trimming down are email subscriptions, my Facebook friends, and even the favourites saved on my computer.
To be honest, if we went to high school together and we never even had a conversation, there is no need for me to get notifications every time you play a game or you decide to update the world about your drunken escapades over the weekend.
Sometimes less is more, in ways that you may not have realized at first. Removing what could be classified as junk makes way for the beautiful faces that I know and love.
Does anyone else ever go through and purge their friend lists or subscriptions?

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