Project 10 Pan: Fall/Winter 2015 – Update

It has been almost 3 months since I first started this project. I have about another 3 months to go before it is all said and done with.

Check out how I am doing so far!

  1. Cream & Liquid Eye Shadows

I am so bad with these! I find it easier to use my powder shadows and even when I have them put out of sight, I will go and get them. I need to be more diligent with this one for sure!

2. Loose Powders

I cannot believe how long it takes to work through these! i have been adamant about using them and will even try the makeup technique of baking, but there still seems to be so much of it. Hopefully I will be able to finish at least of them off in the next three months.

3. Josie Maran Products

I have already finished one of the three items that belong in this category. The oil is long gone, which I miss but I have the cleanser and cheek gelee left to work through. I am optimistic about finishing them in the next three months.

4. EOS Lip Balms

If you have been following along in my Empties posts, the last few months have all had at least one EOS balm in it. I do not have many of them left, so without a doubt will be able to succeed at this one.

5. Gerard Cosmetics Lip Glosses

One of the two is done! Buttercream is all used up, I am now just working my way through Rose Hill. As it is a very Christmas appropriate colour, I am sure that I will be able to get a lot of use out of it.

6. Hairspray

Hairspray, like loose powder, takes forever to use up. I have been using it over the past 3 months more than I normally would. I am happy to be actually using things that I own instead of them solely collecting dust.

7. St Tropez Self Tanner

As much as I love the snow and the colour white, I do not need my skin to match Frosty the Snowman. I am happily using my self tanner and am sure that it is a matter of time before it is all used up.

8. Lotions

This time of year it seems that all gifts are accompanied my a lotion. I have more lotions now than when I started… Oops! On the bright side, I have one at my desk, one on my bedside table, one in my bathroom and one with my makeup. I will just need to keep lathering myself with the stuff until it is gone!

9. Foil Packs

I have been working my way through these! I have used moisturizers, teeth whiteners and biore strips… I do have a lot left to get through but there has without a doubt been progress.

10. Sample Perfumes

I started strong on this one but after two weeks my efforts dwindled. I may need to hide my Flowerbomb until this Project 10 Pan is over. I just love Flowerbomb so much….

All in all, I have room for improvement. Gotta focus on the goal to have less stuff and maybe even by a new item or two. I have been able to get some stuff out of here but need to get it done!

Does anyone have some tips about not reaching for the favourites and using up some of the other items?




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