A Year In Review: 2015

Lovely Littlest Life was materialized in January 2015. I continue to be inspired by the world around me to write and share with you all a great big variety of things.

It still blows my mind to see the destinations in which my words have been read. Other than Antarctica, I have all of the continents covered. I cannot believe it.

2015 Map

Hello out there! Thank you for stumbling across my blog!

Before starting the new year with a new fresh layout, I wanted to give one last hooray to some of the highlights of this past year:
IMG_0613I think that the biggest triumph for me in the trip that I took early in the year. There are so many things that I can proudly say that I have seen and that I have experienced that were mere dreams a year ago. If  you have been dreaming of far off places, do what it takes to save your money and go. My only regret may be that I did not take more pictures of everything!

It was amazing to see Paris for the first time on my birthday. Hopefully it will not be the last time that I see the city of lights.

It has been great to catch up with old friends and actually have something to tell them that I have done in the last year instead of the typical “oh you know, same old stuff as always!”

I did a day by day entry of my trip which can be found in the travel category of Lovely Littlest Life.

IMG_0614-0Other than seeing all these amazing places, I remember each place by the food that I experienced abroad.  From day one on the tour my taste bloods kept me up at night in anticipation for the cuisine it would experience the next day. The desserts, the candy, the meat, the seafood… I am drooling just thinking about it!

Even after I came home, these foods have changed the way I see food. North American pasta and pizza just don’t cut the mustard.

I even make my own orange juice to cut back on the sugar after I watched the cafes make OJ by the glass as it was ordered.  I also noticed that when I go to breakfast places, I order the thing closest to an English breakfast instead of the classic waffles and fruit sauce.


As the year progressed I was lucky enough to connect with quite a few people who I had lost touch with over the years. Two of my friends from back in my Girl Guides days even took me camping! That was a blast and I hope that it is something that we continue to make a point of doing.

I love to make and uphold traditions with my friends. Going to the lake, eating pie, camping, games night… I love them all.

I also took some time to see Alberta during the summer. Peace River, Grande Prairie, Drumheller, Jasper, Calgary… Some where just day trips and others were weekends away but they were all wonderful in their own way.


This past year I also moved into a house and can proudly say that I survived my first year away from the nest. I do go back to my parents on a weekly basis for dinner but have been able to stand pretty well on my own two feet.

Another accomplishment was completing an online course that was related to what I do at work. I have a degree under my belt but does not directly apply to anything that I have ever done work wise. It is nice to have some form of education, no matter how small, that applies to the things that I see everyday.

There is room for improvement when I think about it; I spend a lot of time at home watching Netflix, but then again it is nice to unwind when you have the chance.

Well that sums up my year. What was your favourite thing that you did this year?


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