Things I Regret Buying During 2015

Like many others, I have been doing some retrospect into 2015. One thing that continues to come to mind are the items that I felt just weren’t up to snuff, regardless of the reputation of their makers. Here is a run down of the products that I would have saved my pennies on.

Body Blender

When news came out that the makers of the Beauty Blender were coming out with a sponge for tanning lotion, I knew that I needed to get my hands on it. If I could get the same quality of results with my fake tan as I do with my foundation, I would probably never let the tan fade.

Unfortunately, this product was no where near up to snuff. I ended up needing to use more product than I do with my mitt, the finish is awful and streaky and my hands come out orange. Save your money folks. A $8.00 mitt gives a much better finish than $37.00 for a junky sponge.


Sephora’s Favorites: The Great Cleanse

I was so excited to finally get my hands on some high end cleansers and hopefully find something perfect for my skin. Low and behold, after trying them all out, I came to the conclusion that the drugstore cleanser that I had been using all along works just as well for my current skincare than any of the items in that box.

This wasn’t a complete regret, it was a good deal for what I got and I did get some reassurance that I shouldn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.


If you would like to read the haul post of all the fine items in the above picture, here is a link for you.

David’s Tea:  Strawberry Colada

David’s Tea is my go to place to get loose tea. I love so many of their flavours and am normally quite excited to try new ones. I was hopeful about this tea but the flavour just was not up to expectation. I still have maybe half of a pack left and should use it up. There are many other flavours that I prefer and would recommend before this one. Save your dollars folks and get a different tea.

Perfect Formula’s Pink Gel Coat

This is a product that I had been eyeing up on Sephora’s website for who knows how long. I finally got around to buying it and was disappointed. In a comparison post, I went into detail about how much preferred the drug store product over this product.



L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Intenza

I think that I need to stop buying L’Oreal mascaras. Each one that I have tried just leaves more to be desired. I am currently using this product and thought that the brush looked quite innovative and would make my outer corner lashes fan out. There are quite a few positives about it such as how long it wears and that it is very build-able, however I would prefer a mascara that didn’t take so much building to get the look that I am after. I know that a lot of people see L’Oreal as their favourite mascara brand but I much prefer CoverGirl.


Oliology Keratin Oil Shampoo

I saw giant bottles of this shampoo at Winners and decided that I should try it out. I figured that Keratin is good for your hair so what did I have to lose? First off, the pump is awful on this bottle. You are stuck standing there for two minutes in the shower pumping it to get enough to apply to your tresses. This has resulted in me removing the pump completely and leaving it sans lid in my shower. Luckily I have not knocked it over yet (but wouldn’t mind “accidentally” spilling  a bunch of it). I struggle with shampoos that do not lather. It takes a lot of scrubbing to get the lather going in the product, I would assume because of the oil. This didn’t do anything bad to my hair, but I prefer other shampoos that don’t make me wonder if my hair is actually clean. At the end of the day, I do regret buying this and look forward to the day that it is empty!


I get a chuckle that most of my regret purchases came from Sephora, not the drug store. Overall, it’s not that long of a list of items, thank goodness. I made more good choices in my shopping than in past year. That I will conclude as a success.

Are there any products that just don’t work for you and you regret buying? Feel free to share with me in the comments.




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