App Review: Tender

Yes, you read that right, Tender, not Tinder.
Tender is a satirical take on Tinder, but for foodies. Just like Tinder, a picture displays on your device and you swipe left if you are not interested in it or right if you are. Instead of it being a person that you may be attracted to, it displays pictures of food. All items that you swipe right are added to a recipe book which you can refer  back to later.

If there are specific types or recipes that  you are in need of, you can filter it by type of meat (or vegan/vegetarian).

This app is not exclusive to entrees, not desserts, drinks and sides as well. I enjoy sliding left or right when I am bored or waiting for someone/something. It is a nice change to repeatedly refreshing a barely changing Instagram feed.

I am enjoy the recipe book  in this app. Each picture displays like an album which can be selected to view the ingredients and then more details can be unveiled with the link to the original site where it came from.

Should you want to come back yet again to the recipe, you can create folders within your recipe book to house it.

I appreciate that this app does not try to take credit for all the recipes that are found here. There are tags on the bottom right of each picture that indicate where they are from.

I use and enjoy this app. I can fairly recommend it to any of my fellow foodies out there. I wouldn’t mind if we could each contribute our own recipes but thus far, that is a no go.


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