Tips & Tricks: Nail Polish

Who else out there has a huge collection of nail polish but never completely uses a bottle before it dries out?I go bananas looking at my nail polish collection for a few reasons. So many of the colours that I have are practically the exact same colour. What a waste! Not a single bottle gets used up either and it ends up going in the trash. I limit myself to the number of bottles that I have by only letting myself have what will fit in my container.

My trick is to only buy mini bottles! That way I can have a wider arrange of colours and I do actually use up most of it. The only items that I buy in large bottles now are my base & top coat which I use each time I paint.

My favourite is the Formula X brand, available at Sephora. A lot of their colours only need one coat for an opaque finish and it holds up pretty well! They often have gift sets of these polishes, all in minis, at a reasonable price. Why pay extra for polish that doesn’t get used?!

Save you money and your space folks. Miniature really can be better.


Let me know what your favourite nail polish brand or colour is. I have some spare room in my containers right now that may need to be filled 🙂

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