Feeling All Grown Up

Isn’t it funny how certain thigns make you feel more grown up?
I am interested to know what in  your life makes you feel grown up. Here are a few of mine:

  1. Wearing high heels – I mean those 6″ high heels. The higher the better.
  2. Chewing freshmint gum – My dad always chewed it when I was kid and always seemed so adult compared to the fruity flavours.
  3. Grocery shopping by myself. – Not needing to call my mom to ask her where I can find the baking powder or raisins makes me feel very grown up… the longer I live on my own the less I have needed to call her.
  4.  Driving on the highway. – The freedom of the open road and getting to chose all of my stops, what the music is and how fast to drive…
  5. Waking up before 6am. – as a kid, waking up by 7:30 seemed like a hardship. I am at work by then now!
  6. Being able to relate to my parents. – I imagine that this will become more reoccurring if I ever have children.

Share your adult moments with me in the responses below. Maybe you have a story about when you finally felt adult or have different items like me that do the trick. I look forward to hearing about them!

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