The Simple Life – Winter Edition

Some of you may remember back in the fall when I first wrote about how much I got out of trying to declutter and live my life with less stuff.

Since then time has gone on and there are more things that I realize that I don’t need. With Christmas happening there have been a few items that I got that have replaced old items.

It is time for another decluttering session. Just like in the past, I have broken this down in different sections:

  1. Clothing
  2. Kitchen
  3. Basement
  4. Around the house
  5. Car

As the week progresses, you will see more details about each topic. Later today will be the first one about going through my clothing.

I am looking forward to the end result and to having even more clear space. If you want to participate in this expedition with me, let me know in the responses! It could be fun to do together 🙂

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