The Simple Life: Day 2 – Kitchen

I love my kitchen. It is the place in my home where I get excited about life. I love to try new recipe, or even to throw different ingredients together in hope that it tastes good. 

Although I have stumbled across some gems, most attempts are duds. That hasn’t seemed to have deterred me from continue to try.

Being that this is the focus of a lot of my energy at home, there has been an accumulation of tools, cans and open condiment containers.

Not a lot of these things can be donated, but those things that I do get rid of that I am able to, will go to the food bank. Here are the highlights of my efforts:

  • Empty the wine bottle that had 1/4 glass left and had been sitting out for two months.
  • Pour out the flat pop that I never drank
  • Check all my condiments for their best before dates and toss anything remotely close to their’s.
  • Check my tea collection and lose any loose tea that has gone stale.
  • Clear out my travel container shelf of anything that doesn’t have a matching mate
  •  Anything broken had to go
  • Clear the counter space of anything that didn’t need to be there (empty cookie jar for example)
  • Toss the dishrags that were falling apart
  • Attempt to create a dessert based on some of the contents of my pantry
  • go through my pantry and pull out anything that I know that I will not use to go to the food bank

Even after doing all of these things, there was not a huge difference in my kitchen. I will take it as a small win none the less and as a reassurance that everything I have were good choices and purchases.


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