Personal Challenge: January 2016 – Conclusion

Happy Sunday to you! I hope that everyone was able to sleep in and enjoy not being at work. As this is the last day of January, I thought I would let you know how this month’s personal challenge went.

In my original post about this challenge, I mentioned wanting to make a change in how much physical activity I have been doing. I knew that jumping into some heavy duty workouts wouldn’t stick for me and that it was more about getting myself into the habit of spending a few minutes each day focusing on my muscles (or lack there of).

At first, I was excited to use my ab roller and even did it a couple of times each day. It didn’t take long for this to get boring. As I do with many of my delemna, I grabbed my iPhone to find a solution. It didn’t take long before I came across an app called SWORKIT.

SWORKIT is an app that you customize to your preferences. I set it for a 5:00 min daily workout and selected which exercises I enjoy. It puts those exercises on shuffle for you to work through. It breaks your chosen time into 30 second intervals. Each interval is another exercise. There is someone demonstrating the exercise on the app as you are. It is a nice feature to make sure that you know what the exercise is and that you are keeping a good pace.

If the app gives you something that you don’t feel like doing or maybe don’t have the space for that particular day, you can press the next button and it will show you something else to do. If you yourself want a quick workout without the hassle of a gym, I recommend giving this app a try. The best part is that it’s FREE.

Having the app and my ab roller for my use, I was able to go between the two and keep things from getting dull. I can tell a difference, particularly in my abs. They do not look any different, but when I poke myself in the stomach (yes, I tend to do this quite a bit…) I can tell that muscles actually exist in that area!

I hope that this habit either continues or grows in my life. I noticed that the days where I did this in the morning, I felt more awake and actually took less time to get ready for work. For the days that I did my exercises in the evening, I felt that it was easier to fall asleep. Maybe I can push myself to do it twice a day! Once in the morning, one in the evening. Ok, I doubt that will come to fruition, but a girl can hope.

In conclusion, I would definitely call this month a success. It is great what we can accomplish if we don’t overwhelm ourselves and if don’t like little hurdles make us feel defeated.



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