Winter Wonderland (Introduction)

Canada is quite often associated with winter. There are stereotypes that we all live in igloos and play hockey.I have never met someone who lives in an igloo, and although I know a lot of people who play hockey, I know even more who don’t.

Everyone’s winter experience is a little bit different. This week Lovely Littlest Life will highlight some different ladies from different areas of this fantastic country and what winter is like for them.

I sent each one of them a bunch of questions to answer regarding their own winter experience. If you remember back in October when we got to take a peak at what it is like to live in different areas of Canada (links at the bottom), this will be a similar format with 3 different people who have their own things to share. These ladies are all special to me in their own way and have each left a positive imprint on my life. I was beyond excited when they agreed to help me out with them and cannot wait to share with you a little bit about them.

So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. If you aren’t from Canada or a northern climate, you may learn a thing or two. If you are, you may get some ideas of things you may want to try out!


If you want to check out the feature week that was presented back in October, the 5 places we explored were:

Vancouver, BC 

Fillmore, SK

Toronto, ON

Yellowknife, NWT

Nova Scotia



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