Tips & Tricks: Kleenex in the Car

I think that for the most part we all have Kleenex/tissues in our vehicles. I think I have accumulated 4 boxes by now. My problem is that I can never find them when I need it. They slide under seats, get thrown in the back or magically disappear when I need one.

I am positive that I am not the only one with this issue. It is not safe for me to be looking for a lost Kleenex box when I am driving around so I often sniffle for as long as I can until I hit a red light. Even then I am hesitant to do a big search. I need to make sure I am watching for the light to change and that I don’t accidentally take my foot off the brake. I used to carry those little pocket packs in my car and keep in my console but they always seemed empty when I was in need. That just didn’t cut it.

Finally, there is a solution to this problem. Kleenex has come out with a cylindrical box! It fits perfectly in a cup holder! They have the perfect name too: Kleenex Perfect Fit. They come in sets of 3, 150 tissues per box.

The thought behind them is that they don’t look like a regular Kleenex box so won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your coffee table. It is an added bonus that they work so well for in vehicles. No more searching for that lost box! It is conveniently places in your cup holder. If your vehicle is anything like mine, you have more than enough cup holders in your reach and will still have room for your coffee/tea.

I love it and hope that they continue to make this style of box. No more worrying for me when I get a runny nose in the car. In one quick swoop it is dealt with. No more sniffles for me!


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