Personal Challenge: March 2016

The whole idea behind personal challenges is to make positive, impactful changes in day to day life. It has been important that they are things that can be exciting all month long.

For the month of March, the personal challenge is a continuation from January’s personal challenge. As I am sure you know, there are a whole bunch of types of workouts out there. March’s personal challenge is to try out as many of these workouts as possible.  It would not be possible to do without the wonderful world wide web. I will  be taking to YouTube to find new ways to make my muscles ache.

Some of the workouts that I want to try include:

  • Jillian Michaels
  • Barre
  • Yoga
  • Insanity
  • P90X
  • Spin
  • Zumba
  • Boot Camp

I don’t know how many I will actually get to try, but I am hoping for 12. By the end of this month maybe I will find something that I will want really get into.

I want to hear from you! Do you want to get on this bandwagon? I will let you know my thoughts on the various workouts as I try them out.

If you have any suggestions about workouts to try or want someone to be a guinea pig to a workout that you have been contemplating trying let me know! I am very open to suggestions for these workouts.





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