7 Favourites of February 2016

This month was a smash! Even though it is the shortest month of the year, it was full of wonderful things.

Although I was not very consistent with posting; I was able to do more reading for pleasure than I have done in years, have been very busy at work,  got to catch up with some family members and even had a weekend getaway. I would most certainly say that this month was a great one!

Among all of these pleasant things, I have had a few items that have stood out among the crowd. Here is a run down of what they are:

1. Vegan Nut Cheese

It can be tricky sometimes to satisfy dairy cravings, especially cheese sauces and spreads. I mentioned in my January favourites a lady named Erin Ireland. She and Jillian Harris have both made and raved about cheese made from cashews. I decided to give it a go and most certainly enjoyed it. I am not sure that I would say that it tastes like a certain kind of cheese, but it is a nice alternative to a spreadable cheese type snack.

I have tried other recipes, such as cauliflower alfredo sauce that were less than desirable. I will continue to try out new recipes and hopefully keep expanding my culinary repertoire.

Stay tuned for the details on how to make your own nut cheese – it is way easier than I imagined.

2. Elk & Oarsman Pub

I recently had a weekend getaway in Banff and visited the Elk & Oarsman Pub twice. Their Harvest Salad is incredibly tasty and I am always happy when a place has Mill Street Organic beer on their drink list. It has the typical mountain lodge feel to it and various menu items from bison and elk burgers, unique salads, loaded nachos, to steaks and pizza.

3. Avocado Toast

This month’s personal challenge to eat breakfast every day meant that I tried out different but quick breakfasts. My favourite new-to-me breakfast is avocado toast. It is easy to make, has a wealth of nutrition and kept my stomach satisfied until my mid morning snack. I also used one of the pits from the avocado to start what will hopefully be a pleasant avocado tree. If only avocados were less expensive, I would eat it all of the time.

4. Candy Hearts

I am not one to get too excited about Valentine’s Day but I am always happy to eat whatever candy in readily available. Of all of the valentine specific candies, my favourite is the sugar hearts with the various words on them. It is too bad that there are not other holidays that they would make similar candies for.

5. Matchbox 20

This is a bit of a throwback but I have been listening to Matchbox 20 almost everyday for the past 2 weeks to and from work. Exile on Mainstream’s second disc is what can only be referred to as a greatest hits compilation. The lyrics and Rob Thomas’ voice don’t seem dated at all even though this album came out almost a decade ago.

6. Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer

I must have gotten this bronzer in one of the Sephora Favourites boxes. There are so many bronzers out there that look orange on my light skin tone. This colour is a cooler tone, making it easy to warm up my face in a natural manner and even contour it. I have had it for quite a while and have loved it pretty consistently. Now that it is starting to get visibly lower in the pan I realize that I am not looking forward to it being gone. It is $36.00 to repurchase, which I am not willing to pay. Hopefully I will be able to find something comparable from the drugstore when it comes time to getting a replacement.

 7. My makeshift garden

With the Canadian dollar getting weaker by the minute and with my desire to grow my own food, I decided to get a head start on the growing season and make use of my kitchen table. So far I have 5 different herbs and am experimenting with growing leeks and garlic from the leftovers of the ones I bought at the store. It is going surprisingly well. I was even able to use some of my herbs in the vegan cheese and simmered some mint to give my house a fresh scent. It is getting me quite excited for the summer months!


So 6 of the 7 items are food related. I guess that says something about me… I do have a love for it!

The coming month of March is sure to be a great one as well. I have friends coming to town who I am excited to see, I get to celebrate my 25th birthday and I have a backlog of ideas in my head that I will hopefully have a chance to transpose into blog posts.

I hope you all have a lovely rest of  your day and that you enjoyed the month of February just as much as I did.






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