A Little Thinking Out Loud for a Friday Night

How many times have we said to ourselves that we should really start or stop doing something? I cannot even take a guess at how many times I have told myself I should stop dumping stuff on my dresser. Yet, every night when I am unpacking my shoulder bag everything that I know I need to give attention to goes on my dresser. My thought when I am doing this is somewhere along the lines of “I don’t want to deal with this right now, so I will leave it where I can see it…”. Then in the morning I get so annoyed with opening my eyes and seeing a pile of receipts, papers and empty containers. My morning self should probably have a confrontation with my evening self. She would have plenty to say about my laziness…

This process is not limited to my dresser, but also includes my sink, my vehicle and even my recycle bin…”Oh I am sure I can get a few more pieces of paper into that heaping bin!”. It is not something that I am proud of by I know that we probably all have one (or more) of these spots in our lives.

I am curious, what are you guys too lazy to do but kick yourselves about afterwards?

One comment

  1. Haha. I can totally relate to that 😀 I used to leave my accessories piled up on the dressing table in my bedroom 😛 And just when I want the perfect accessories for that little black dress, I would have to search the entire table and I used to hate it and kick myself like you said 😀


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