The Boss

Blog ideas seem to happen in the strangest moments. This one literally struck me while I was getting ready for bed Sunday night. I grabbed my notebook and started writing!

What sparked this thought is a sign/name plate that my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl. Apparently I was very set in my ways and thought that I ran the show. I have kept this sign on display in my bedroom where only I can see it. I have always ¬†figured that should someone see it, they may get the impression that I am conceited. I don’t always wan to share my personal life with people who may not know me well mostly because I want them to get to know my present state of self before getting to know aspects of my evolution.

Regardless, this sign seems to change its meaning in my life according to what I need in the moment. This Sunday evening it was equivalent to an abbreviated pep talk. It was as if someone said “You are the boss of you and you make your own choices – do it. Be the boss.”

It’s funny how those sorts of things happen when you need them to. These moments make me nostalgic. Not only does it help propel me into my hopefully strong future but it reminds me of the bold little girl that I was and that I should let that side of me out more often.

I run this show called my life. If I want something I better work my butt off to get it and I better know that I deserve success just as much as the next person.

I hope that  everyone is in a position to feel like they run their life and that they call their own shots.

It’s an empowering feeling and I wish it for everyone.

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