6 Signs That You’ve Started Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here  and I couldn’t be happier about it. Even though we had a mild winter, the thought that there are greener things around the corner gets me excited.

With spring, there comes some seasonal chores that most of us partake in. Spring cleaning is the biggest thing that comes to mind for my to-do list.

Sign #1 – Getting out the summer yard furniture

Just this weekend I tidied up my front porch, arranged my patio furniture and tucked away my planters that are going to need to wait for another month or so before being filled with beautiful flowers.

Sign #2 – Trading in your wine coloured lipsticks for light coloured glosses

The big trend this winter was beautiful deep coloured matte lips. With the upcoming summer months, out come those glosses that catch the summer sunshine. Making that switch can help get you mentally into the longer days.

Sign #3 – Going through your wardrobe

Which each season I seem to have a change in opinion about my clothing. Not only do some articles get worn out but with new trends and colours in the stores means that there is new inspiration everywhere and some of my current wardrobe just don’t fit into that picture.

Sign #4 -Putting away unneeded blankets

I am sure that my fellow Canadians can agree that there is no better feeling in the winter than curling up in a pile of blankets. As it gets warmer there is less need for those blankets. We kick them off in the middle of the night and after a few days of living on your floor, you pick them up and put them in the cupboard for the season. You don’t want to put them too far away though because you never know when you’ll need a blanket for a picnic.

Sign #5 – You clean your house from top to bottom because everything looks dirty

With more natural sunlight beaming into your house comes the easy to spot dust, crumbs and finger prints. I swear that I can all of a sudden smell dust in my house. Every surface has dust on it even though I swear I cleaned it a couple of days ago. Even with a fresh furnace filter, I am letting my inner cleaning fiend out!

Sign #6 – You shaved your legs

You know that warmer weather is inevitable. You also know that you will probably want to wear shorts, skirts, bathing suits, or even just roll up your pant legs from time to time. I case you worry about having lost the ability to run a razor over your skin without giving yourself numerous laceration, you may have given your blade a test drive while it is still cool enough to wear pants every day.


I am sure there are many more than 6 signs that you have become a culprit of performing spring cleaning! Let me know in the comments below of one that I may have missed or which one applies most to you.

Have a lovely day!



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