Dreaming of Paris in my Kitchen

For almost two years now I have wanted to try my hand at making macarons. We are pretty lucky that the Duchess in Edmonton has some of the world’s best. I am also lucky to have had the opportunity to try a variety of them in Europe.

As badly as I wanted to give them a try, I was afraid to fail and taint my memory of all the wonderful macarons out there.

I have had the Duchess cookbook for a year now and have flipped through the pages so many times, day dreaming about creating those beautiful treats of my own.

After slowly accumulating all of the basic ingredients, I finally took the plunge and made my first attempt at my own macarons.

The shells were a relative success, even though I piped them wrong onto the cookie sheet. The filling was tasty as well but over whipped and runny. Runny marshmallow is a very sticky situation. Not something to eat while doing anything else.

I am excited to try it again and hopefully have a batch that will stay together long enough to take them to work to share them!


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