Personal Challenge – March 2016 Conclusion

The month of March was a very busy one! As a quick recap, I had put out the challenge to find a workout that fell in with my life and that I enjoyed doing. I wanted to try as many workouts as I could muster and I wanted to know what kind of a workout I would be doing regularly come April.

Well, I didn’t end up trying as many workouts as I as originally planned but I was able to find myself something that I love to do and know that I will be able to stick with.

I had a hunch at the beginning of the month that Barre would be right up my alley. If you saw my review on it, you’d know that my hunch was on point (pun intended).

I have done 5 classes so far and I have signed up for a monthly subscription to unlimited classes at the studio closest to my house. Even after 5 classes I can feel and see a difference. I think that the biggest change however has been my appetite. I am always hungry!

My energy is also higher than before getting into a workout routine. this energy not only helps me be more efficient, but it makes me feel happier and puts more spring in my step.

Just this past weekend for instance I would get these bursts of energy and have an urge to bust a move. Luckily I spent most of Saturday doing yard work with my parents and was free to bust out my tacky moves as frequently as I felt.

If you have an activity that gets you out and about, I am sure that you know what I mean. If not, I cannot recommend it more. Being active can be a lot of fun, you just need to find something that suits you!







    • I know what you mean. I love to see how others thrive and what makes them smile. I don’t think that makes you nosey at all, just curious 🙂
      Do you take barre classes too or other types of classes? Can’t help but be curious!


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