Project 10 Pan Fall/Winter 2015 – Conclusion

This project started back in September and it is definitely time that it be wrapped up. I have not finished everything off but am happy to let you know the outcome of this project. Lets get it underway, shall we?1. Cream and Liquid Eyeshadows

This started with 2 Covergirl bombshell liquid eyeshadows and 4 Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows. At first I preferred the Maybelline shadows greatly over the Covergirl but as time went on, my opinion completely flipped.

Maybelline Color Tattoos have a great lasting time but they are so dry that they are a nuissance to apply and do not have an even consistency. It may be that they are on the old side, but none the less I did not enjoy them. I ended up having to hide my normal powder shadows to try and convince myself to use these cream shadows. I just ended up using the liquid ones from Covergirl instead. Because of this, I have all 4 shadows that seem almost untouched. I have zero desire to keep using them and they will be finding a new home in my trash can.

The Covergirl liquids are a bit on the dark side unless you only use just a touch. I would use just a touch so was not able to use the whole tubes in this time. I think that I will hold onto these for the time being. They are nice for traveling as my finger is all I need to apply.

2. Loose Powders

There were a few loose powders in my collection when I started this project. I thought that my NYC would never end. Fortunately, I have been proven wrong! I have been able to finish it off. The other loose powders however remained practically untouched. I am still elated to have the biggest and oldest one done.

My habits have been to reach for my pressed powders. I should tuck them away until I have my loose powders used up.

3.  Josie Maran Products

Josie Maran makes some lovely argan oil products. I struggled to use the Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee at first, which was a big reason why I wanted it in the project. with just a touch of product, I could give my cheeks the look of freshly coming in from the cold.  It was a lovely colour for the winter months. Now that summer is approaching, I find myself reaching for more peachy tones. I am glad to have it all used up now.

I also had the cleansing oil from the sample box I mentioned in the original post for this project. I am not much for the cleansing oil bandwagon, I prefer a gel type cleanser. I did manage to us it up, but am glad that it was just a small bottle.

As hypothesized in that first post, I did make some repurchases. I now have a large bottle of the light argan oil which I use on my skin and in my hair. It is a lovely extra moisture boost.

4. EOS Lip Balms

I had so many of these 6 months ago! I am down to my last one and even it has quite the dent in it. I have already purchased replacements but have gone for other brands this time. I don’t have much against EOS, I just think that there must be something better out there.

5. Gerard Cosmetics Lip Glosses

There were two glosses in this category: Rose Hill and Buttercream. I have finished off Buttercream but still have quite a bit left in Rose Hill. I think that I will actually be parting ways with it. The consistency has gone tacky and the color is not that suitable to my skin tone.

6. Hairspray

I feel like most empties videos that I see on YouTube contain hairspray bottles. I cannot for the life of me figure out how people go through so much of it! I have just yesterday finally finished off one of the two bottles. I have not yet even touched the second one. Maybe the second one will magically go more quickly than the other.

7. St Tropez Self Tanner

I have been relatively lazy on this one. I have only used it a handful of times during the project. The one time my application was so poor that my arms were the definition of streaky; I might as well have been a tiger or a zebra with the stripes that I had.

I still love this brand and really put it to good use. I hope that it will be easier with the warmer weather and not wanting to scare people off with the glare of my pale skin.

8. Lotions

It is difficult to change habits or to make new ones. I have never been much of a lotion user and this continues to be true. I have been able to finish off the St Ives spray lotion but that was a bit of a bother. I didn’t want to get my room greasy so would apply it in the shower, post water. This would cause an issue when I am having my next shower because the floor is quite slippery.

It will be some time before I buy another body lotion, and probably also before I finish off another bottle or any lotion.

9. Foil Packs

I have done quite a good job on this one! I whitened my teeth, tried a variety of lotions, had different cleansers and pulled black heads from my nose. My cosmetic stand has much less foil clutter and I am actually pretty proud of myself.

10. Samples Perfumes

As a recap, some of the samples that I had were Elizabeth & James: Nirvana Black, Hermes: Le Jardin De Monsieur Li, Dior: J’adore, Tom Ford: Velvet Orchid, DKNY: My NY, Hanae Mori, Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue, and Victor & Rolf: Spicebomb.

I must say, many of these scents mos certainly did not please my nose. The ones that I did enjoy and could certainly get the samples of again are Spicebomb, Light Blue and Velvet Orchid. I even got Spicebomb again with a relatively recently. I enjoy the scent of it on my duvet vs. as a perfume.

The ones that I have left are the scents that I do not enjoy. Their future is more than certainly to be spent in the trash.


Overall I am happy with the results of the project. I have used up items that I would have otherwise disregarded. Instead of collecting items that I am not drawn to, I have given them there fair chance, enjoyed some and learnt about more products that do not work for me.

I am now due for a proper spring cleaning, going through my belongings with a garbage can and donation bin. Perhaps it will bring about another project, but at this point it is still up in the air.



If you have done a similar project, please leave me a link in the comments. I quite enjoy reading/watching about them and how people work their way through them.






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