Life Changes

My online presence has dwindle the last two months. Blog posts are more sporadic and even my “normal” posts are not being uploaded in such a timely fashion.

I love to blog and to share my two cents with the world but I came to a point where I needed to live a little more in order to have something with substance to write about. My overall routine has completely changed, in part because of Lovely Littlest Life. My monthly personal challenges have pushed me to be accountable for improving my daily life. Eating a healthy breakfast most days, packing myself a lunch, working out, reducing my electronic usage before bed… It all adds up for the better for myself but it also takes away from other things, such as LLL.

Life is changing in a bunch of little ways that adds up into this new shift. Even looking into the near future I have 4 trips planned, 3 that are booked, and more social commitments than what is normal for me. I guess you could say that I am getting out of my shell and am pushing myself to make new memories.

Sometimes I think about how good I have it. As a single person I only have myself to think about. Should I be in a relationship or have children I would have so many other balls to juggle. I give kudos to all of you who do it. I can only imagine that it is exhausting.

All in all, things are good. I am getting out there, making memories, living life pretty darn fully and loving almost every moment of it. I will continue to blog when I have the time and the inspiration. It will hopefully be high on the quality even if there isn’t a huge quantity.

Much love,


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