Personal Challenge: May 2016

Life has been pretty busy lately. Stopping to take a look around, I realize that I have lost focus on a few things. As busy as May is going to be, I need to get back on track.

Instead of trying to get everything back on track all at once, I have decided to start with one larger item which will probably (or at least hopefully) get things back to normal. This month’s focus will be on the food. Eating less curly fries, more vegetables and as little candy as possible.

Candy will probably be the most difficult. Most days I have been incredibly tempted to drop everything and go to Bulk Barn to buy as much candy as I can get my hands on. I will need to resist that temptation.

This month has already started but I think it is off to a good start. I have been packing my lunches full of healthy things like oatmeal, hummus, vegetables and quinoa. Hopefully I can keep it up!


If you have any tips or tricks to get off the sugar & grease bandwagon, I would be happy to hear them!



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