Monthly Challenge: May 2016 – Conclusion

Can you believe that we have made our way to June already? Where has the time gone???

For the month of May I challenged myself to eat healthier than a lot of the junk that I had consumed in April.

To be completely honest, I went a bit beyond this goal. Not only did I eat much better but I also have started to become more informed about my food. My trips to the grocery store are much longer, I  have been reading labels more than ever and my cart has been full of mostly fruits and vegetables. On my most recent trip I managed o get out without any meat. The only animal product was some lactose free sour cream that I found. I was too excited by it not to get it. I am not sure when the last time was that I had sour cream… there are so many things you can do with it too!

I am about to get off topic a bit here but bear with me, it will come back around…

I follow Jillian Harris on Snapchat and her journey towards eating vegan has caught my attention. I have mentioned people like Erin Ireland here on LLL before as well who is vegan. Jillian had suggested her Snapchat for people wanting to know more about being a vegan. It doesn’t take much effort to find information about vegan eating. The more that I watched the more I wanted to try their various animal free meals. My view of food started to change.

These days I no longer plan my meals around the type of meat that I have in my fridge. Instead I am thinking about my day as a whole, what I need and how I am going to get it in my diet. Proteins for instance can be found in other foods like beans or quinoa. I find it fun to explore and to try these new-to-me perspectives. Even when I visited my family in Victoria I was able to find some amazing food inspiration – like adding beets to humus with some salad… so good! The picture link to this post is from a salad of the sorts that I had in Victoria at Part and Parcel. I highly recommend it! 

I don’t think that I am prepared to become a full-fledged vegan but there is no reason why I can’t eat vegan meals often. I notice such a difference in my energy and image when I eat less meat. I do love bacon too much to give it up right now. I would also struggle to expect others to cook vegan for me. On a side note, my conscience is happy with these changes on an environmental level. I had no idea what substantial impact the meat industry has on the environment.

In conclusion, this month has certainly been a success. It may even be one of my most successful ones thus far.


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