Review: Gardein “Meats”

For the last little while I have been cutting more and more animal products out of my diet. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for meat alternatives and came across some packages of Gardein in the frozen food section of Safeway.

So far I have tried their chick’n 7-grain crispy tenders, mandarin crispy chick’n and golden fishless filets. Of the three i like the 7-grain tenders the best as they are quite versatile. They can be eaten as a chicken finger, in wraps, on salad, in a stir fry and probably a bunch of other stuff that I cannot think of. The other two are a bit limited to what they would work with but are really tasty in their own mind.

If you are able to bake them without the crust coming off then you will doubt that you are not eating meat. You can see by looking at the meat that it isn’t from an animal but the texture and flavours are pretty darn accurate.

I headed over to their website and was blown away by their line of products. They have so many options! I struggled to see what is readily available here in Canada but I am excited to try more of their options.

Has anyone given this brand a try? What were your thoughts?

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