Carry-on Essentials

Happy August long weekend!

i have two weeks before I catch my flight to Athens and I am starting to get myself organized for my journey.

As you may already know, I love to make lists. I have been making my list of essential carry on items for over  a month now and am now ready to share it with you.

Keep in mind that this is going to be almost 24 hours of travel from door to door but that I am hoping to travel light.

  1. Neck Pillow – I will need to sleep at some point. I will probably also need  it while in Greece when we are traveling by bus between sites.
  2. Passport – a no-brainer, I can’t leave the country without it.
  3. Wipes – I personally am choosing to bring baby wipes. They are good for wiping my face, body, potentially dirty surface or who knows what else that I encounter. I picked up some scent free aloe infused wipes from the drug store.
  4. Moisturizer – Being on the plane will dry out your skin. I am also going to  a very hot destination and my skin might go into shock. Keeping it moisturized may lessen the blow and help keep you feeling fresh. If you have room, maybe bring some eye cream too as that is often the place where dryness is first apparent.
  5. Tablet – planes are moving away from having TVs and into having online services you can access with your smart devices. My preference is my iPad mini. It is small enough to easily pack but a larger, convenient screen. My tablet is also my easiest way to stay connect to Lovely Littlest Life while on the road too.
  6. Headphones – A clear companion for the tablet. I have a pair of bose noise canceling headphones that fold up small so they are great for traveling. I won’t need to listen to the guy next to me snore nor does he need to hear my movie.
  7. Charger with adapters – traveling to another continent means different outlets. Luckily it is easy to find adapters that go from USB cord to wall. I will have one in my bag for North America and for Europe.
  8. Cash – personally I like to carry cash from both home (not much) and my destination. I don’t carry it all in the same spot either. That way, If I lose something I won’t be completely out of luck.
  9. Snacks – If you have any dietary concerns what so ever you shouldn’t rely on the food that the airline is providing. I will bring protein bars with me from home and grab a bottle of water in the airport. To help alleviate the pressure in my ears I will also have gum and Life Savers with me.
  10. Travel pack of Kleenex – I highly recommending going with the name brand stuff. The last thing I want is to use scratchy tissue when I am already sitting in an uncomfortable seat for a long period of time.
  11. Hair Elastics – bring spares! You do not want to be without if you have long locks.
  12. Sunglasses – probably not an essential for on the plane but you certainly don’t want to have to dig them out of your luggage once you’ve reached your destination.
  13. Notebook & Pen – I love to write things done and it could come in handy when you have to remember directions or the name of the place you are supposed to meet someone. If you are not needing to pen blog posts or write letters you probably won’t need a very large notebook. I like to get one that is about 10″ tall.
  14. Extra Socks and Underwear – being that my trip will go from one day to another I am not going to want to be wearing the same knickers the whole time.
  15. Reading Material – books, magazines, newspaper or whatever floats your boat. Plane rides are a great place to catch up on some much needed page turning.
  16. Comfortable Clothing – this is more about what to wear on the flight. I always fly wearing yoga pants, layers of comfortable tops (airplanes can get quite cold) and a good sweater. On my feet are always socks and runners. You never know how much walking you will have to do around the airport or at your destination.

Is there anything that I missed? Let me know in the comments. Would love to know if you have any travel essentials, especially for a long flight.

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