Greece 2016: Day 1

This trip is not off to the best start. I managed to eat some bad food last night so was sick to begin with. The anxiety of making sure I had not forgotten anything and finding out last minute that I would be going alone was not a good mix.

It took everything I had not to tell my Uber driver to turn the car around and to take me home while on my way to the airport. Each step at the airport felt like it took hours; security, waiting at the gate, boarding… How could it have only been 6 a.m. by the time we took off?
Luckily, I ended up with a nice couple to sit next with. It helped calm my nerves and fall asleep. I don’t think that I was still awake by the time the flight took off. I woke up twice during the journey to Toronto. Hopefully I wasn’t snoring or drooling!

The rest helped me feel not as ill. I was thankful for that and for my friend who was waiting for me in Toronto. We went for brunch at this neat place called the Drake Hotel. We sat up on a rooftop patio with a couple of his friends. The weather was so humid that the air felt difficult to breathe but I was thankful to get outside. It was lovely to see a familiar face and to get to catch up a bit. It kept my mind off the long flight ahead of me.

I wanted to be sure to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I didn’t know where I was going or if there would be an potential issues. Luckily he was very accommodating and made sure that I was back at Pearson Airport with plenty of time to spare.

Once there I was able to hook up to the wifi to let my mom know how things were going. The connection was good enough for iMessenger but none of my social media apps.
I added photos to my snapchat queue to post but was unable to upload them.

I was hopeful that my hotel in Greece would have a better connection (which it does).

After brunch my anxiety seemed to have passed but my stomach still wasn’t completely back to normal. I grabbed a ginger ale at a shop near my gate. Before I knew it the sickness seemed to pass. Things finally felt like they were turning around.

That is until we got notice that our flight was delayed. At first it was only 30 minutes… Which changed to 45… Eventually we ended up boarding over an hour later than scheduled. Then we found out that there were people missing and they had to unload their baggage. It was an hour of sitting on the tarmac before we took off.

On the bright side, one of the people who went missing had the seat next to me. I thought that I had hit the jackpot with a spare seat next to me. I could stretch out to sleep and not worry about anyone else. Then a lady got moved to that spot. She complained about everything, elbowed me countless times and was beyond unpleasant. The kid behind me who made a game out of kicking my seat was the cherry on top.

Once up in the air they started to distribute the food. Air Canada does a good job about providing meals according to your dietary restrictions. I was thankful for the relatively bland meal, especially the cut up melon for my dessert.

While I ate I used the airline’s app to watch the movie Burnt. I really liked it and it got me mor excited for the food that I would get to experience once in Greece.
As we flew east it got dark pretty quickly. I knew that it wasn’t even dinner time back home but everyone was starting to close their eyes for sleep. Since it was such a long day, having woken up at 3, I was happy to follow suit.

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