Personal Challenge: September 2016

The leaves are changing colour, PSL are back at Starbucks and my shorts are starting to go into hiding. Fall is fast approaching and I must admit that I am looking forward to the busy summer to be over. I am ready for curling up, sipping tea and reading more. 

August was busy with work, keeping up with friends and of course my trip to Greece. I skipped out on a personal challenge for that month and actually missed it. I like having a goal in the back of my mind all month to strive towards. It pushes me to get off my butt and get things accomplished.

I already anticipate this month to fly by but I have a whole bunch of things that I want to get done. One item in particular that I have been slow to jump into is starting school again. This month I need to get my head in the game and become a student all over again.

Being a post-secondary student was never my strong suit but maybe this time around will be different. I need to set myself up for success instead of dreading what is to come. If I am going to do a whole degree, it’s going to take me a while and I need to find the drive that will get me across the finish line.

This month is going to be all about that for me. By the time October rolls around I should be elbow deep in getting myself educated!


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