Personal Challenge – September 2016: Conclusion

This month has been super productive. I have been able to get a lot of things organized, caught up on sleep, going to as many barre classes as I can (even at 6am) and even upgraded the handles on my dresser which I have wanted to do for well over a year.

Although it has been a great month, I have been lacking in the blog department. How I have not finished posting about Greece is beyond me but I will certainly continue to make an effort to get it up ASAP. I still have the whole cruise to talk about which was probably the best part!

This month’s personal challenge was to get myself going for school. It turns out that it was much easier than I had dreaded. My contact at the university is away. I sent her everything that I already have and am now playing the waiting game.

Because there is actually nothing else that I could have done, I consider this challenge a success.

I hope that you had a great September as well and feel accomplished in whatever it was that  you set out to do.


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