Personal Challenge: October 2016

For those new to Lovely Littlest Life, each month I give myself a personal challenge. They are always with the intention of making something better in my life. Most of the time it is sparked by something that I have been putting off. For me this works so much better than New Year’s resolutions or dream boards.

I encourage you to set yourself a monthly goal too. It is important to consider what you have going on and how much time you have to commit to this goal before making it. Over stretching yourself will most likely make it near impossible for you accomplish it. Set yourself up for success and watch how much you can get done in a year.

This month my inspiration came from my bookshelf. It is line with unopened books and then there are more piled on top of those. I had made myself a promise to not get more books that what my shelf can hold.

I know that there is no way that I can get through all of those books in a month so I will set my sights on finishing 3. By the end of the month there will be 3 less books crowding my shelf (and hopefully no new ones!).


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