Tips & Tricks: No More Wine Hangovers

Over the weekend I went to visit a wonderful friend of mine who exposed me to a lovely life hack that is too awesome not to share!

We knew that it was going to be an evening of cooking, drinking and talking about everything and anything. As someone who doesn’t drink on even a semi regular basis, I was a bit nervous about how I would feel in the morning. Rough mornings are still a new thing for me. Back when I drank more socially I never had to worry about waking up hung over. I am not so sure that I have figured out the best way to handle them… that is until now!

After an entertaining struggle with a broken cork, my friend popped open the wine and poured us each a glass. Before I could take my first sip, she also opened the strawberry flavoured kombucha that we had just picked up and poured a swig of it into the wine!

I was aware of kombucha’s benefits to your gut health and have heard a lot of hype about it lately. I did not think of the benefits that it would have when ingested with other things.

I obviously adore my friends regardless of these kinds of secret gems, but it may make me a little more endeared to them when I am provided with such practical information.

Next time you decide to have a few glasses, give it a try!

Happy drinking!


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