Lovely Little Update – October 2016

I seriously feel like I got home from Greece, blinked and there was snow on the ground. What happened to fall, the pretty colours, vest season and indulging in the outdoors before being ankle deep in snow??? 

Lovely Littlest Life has continued to be neglected and I apologize for that. Life has been happening at hyper speed and I have not documented any of it! This post will be my attempt to catch up on things and set myself a new attainable plan for the blog going forward. Sometime that will hopefully fit in with the new-ish lifestyle.

Going all of the way back to March, I had given myself a personal challenge to find a form of fitness that I would happily get into the habit of doing on a regular basis. Little did I know that this challenge could alter my lifestyle in a wonderful way. I started my obsession with barre. Ever since that I can be found most evenings and weekend mornings at the barre studio. Tomorrow I will hit my 100th class and last week I finished a 30 day challenge (30 classes in 30 days). I seem to be planning my social life around class, making friends with the other barre-stars and doing laundry based on my need for clean yoga pants. It has built my confidence, my appetite, my muscles and flexibility. I absolutely love it.

I believe that I have mentioned in the past that I had been making efforts to have a more plant based diet. It was rooted in my need to find dairy free recipes to try and vegan options were a fail safe. I am inspired by a few vegan bloggers/influences who don’t focus on guilt tripping you into not eating animals. They take the high road and post about amazing foods that just happen to be plant based. I still eat meat from time to time but as time progresses it is less and less. This diet has been a great compliment to barre and making me feel like I am on my A Game day in and day out. I didn’t even realize that I felt sluggish before these changes but now I can only hope that there is no going back.

Having completed my trip to Greece, I have yet to be struck by another need to travel to another continent. I think that my next big purchase will hopefully be a place to call my own. Renting can have its benefits but it would be nice to take that next step in life. I am sure that I will get in my car next summer and hit the road somewhere but I am not so sure about any fancy getaways.

It’s a great feeling that I have waking up everyday, looking forward to life. I have a lot of decisions to figure out soon, goals to set, money to save, adventures to have… I look forward to them all and seeing where life takes me.

Life update aside, where does LLL go from here? I know that it is unrealistic for me to post every day like I used to. What I am now striving for is once a week. Thursdays to be specific. There will certainly be posts on top of that (personal challenges, etc.) but I feel that that is a goal I can take on going forward.

That means that in two days from now you will be hearing from me! Until then, I hope that you enjoy your week and aren’t letting the winter blues set in just yet.





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