Personal Challenge: November 2016

The air is getting drier as winter approaches and I can physically feel how dehydrated I am. Water intake can be tricky to keep track of. I have used a few different apps to track it and have found short-term success with them.

For this month, I am going to break out my Fitbit app and log how much I am drinking. I want to break that 8 cup threshold at least 20 days out of the month. I should probably dust off my Fitbit too, but lets take it one step at a time…

Not only do I want get myself in a better habit of drinking water but I want to learn more about water intake. What actually counts as water? I have heard comments that tap water is “dead water” and that it should be carbonated or spiked with a spice or citrus to be absorbed. I have also head that the temperature of the water plays a part on how your body reacts to the water. I want to be putting effective things in my body, not just pour water into it for the sake of this challenge.

If anyone has some good resources for me to check out, please leave links in the comment section. Also, I would love for you to join me on this challenge. Let me know if you too are going to be pushing yourself this month to drink more water!

Happy hydrating!



  1. i’m the kind of person that doesn’t drink a lots of water. but i always wanted to change that, this years what i’m doing is: drinking a glass of tepid water with a bit of lemon juice once i wake up, after every meal, and before i go to bed. (that is 4 glasses already, and without any effort!) this helps your metabolism, tepid water also relieves pain when we are on our period times.

    the best way to change a habit, or to create a new one is to attached that new habit to an old one. for example, every time you go to the kitchen have a glass water. also, make it easy: have a bottle of water near you. hope this will help. i’m not a water expert, so i can’t help you with the other stuff. ❤


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