The Rumours About Water

For the month of November I have been focusing on hydration.  I have been tracking my water intake and am trying to get a better understanding if there any truth behinds the water rumours that I have heard over time. Here are some of the rumours that I have heard and what I was able to find online about them:

  1. Green tea counts as water, not black tea because of the caffeine

According to WebMD, all non-alcoholic beverages are hydrating. That includes black teas, coffees, soda pop, and sports drinks. The sugars, diuretics and other things in non-water beverages also affect your body in different ways than regular water but when it comes to hydration they all are able to play that part.

2. Drinking too much water can kill you

Browsing through Scientific America, this rumour is true. Don’t be alarmed, it would take a heck of a lot of water to die by water. In 2007 a lady drank 6 liters of water in 3 hours before succumbing to water intoxication. It is also not unheard of for people who take ecstasy to become extremely dehydrating and try to compensate by over drinking water in a short period of time while coming off a high.

Too much water means that your blood is diluted, slowing down the necessary  nutrients that help make the body function properly. The site also talks about how cells bloat when there is extra water available but that the neurons in our brains are so densely packed that bloating amoungst them could be detrimental.

3. Tap water is “dead”

This question was a bit difficult to find a reliable answer to. I found everything from religious sites to blogs with no citations. I am not convinced by anything that I read as credible information so I consider this question left unanswered.

4. Carbonated water is absorbed better by the body

If the carbonated water has no added sugar and is truly regular water that has been carbonated than it and still water are of equal hydration value.

5. Water with lemon juice is better for the body

Dr. Axe, creator of Exodus Health Center, explains that lemon added to water creates a shock to the body which boosts our metabolism, provides a good dose of vitamin C, and fiber which helps you feel fuller faster. With that being said, normal tap water is good for you without lemon but adding any fruit or vegetable to your water will provide extra nutrients.

6. The temperature of the water impacts the type of benefits

Browsing through Quora, this question was answered by a bio-engineer. His response was that the main point is that hydration is important, regardless of the water temperature. Cold water is absorbed faster which makes it better during a workout. It also helps bring down your core temperature. In rare occurrences, when drinking near freezing water as it can cause a drop a blood pressure and cause someone to lose consciousness.

7. You need 8 glasses of water each day

The Mayo Clinic highlights that there are many factors that play a part into determining how much water each person should be drinking. In general they suggest 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women each day.

Bonus fun fact:

Fruits & veggies that are high in water (watermelon, citrus, cucumbers, etc.) can count towards your daily water intake.




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