I Would Rather Be Baking

September first. It sure snuck up on us quickly, didn’t it? Walking out my front door this morning I felt the fresh cold air hit my face, indicating that fall in coming. In all honestly, fall has always been my favourite time of year. There is a coziness that comes with the season. The colourful leaves, the sweaters and scarves, having an excuse to drink tea all day, and root vegetables galore. It is also a perfect excuse to spend more time in the kitchen baking up a variety of treats.

Having my very own kitchen for the first time has been exciting. Although I have yet to find the right way to organize it with the limited space that it has, I am in love with having a convection oven and keep thinking up things I want to try. Just this week I made muffins, peppermint patties, homemade granola bars and 6 dozen mini donuts. Each recipe was good but I feel like there is room for improvement (thus the multiple batches of donuts). 

As it has been months since I last posted, I should provide a bit of an update. I moved out of the place I had been in for the last two years and purchased my first place. I am slowly but surely settling into this place, one piece of furniture at a time. It is a surreal feeling to no longer be renting but paying my mortgage and knowing that I am adding to my financial value instead of someone else’s. I am also starting another course while balancing two jobs. My day job has started to include some travel which has been exciting. I have gotten to go to Vancouver a handful of times and will hopefully get the chance to explore it a bit more than the sidewalk between the office and hotel.

I continue to explore a heavily plant based diet. I still struggle when it comes to eating at some restaurants or if  I am at someone’s house. It has been a darn long time since I prepared meat and it hardly phases me anymore at the grocery store that there is a whole area that I skip over.

It feels good to be writing again and to be finding the lovely things in life. Some things have not changed, I still need to work on my photo skills, figure out a schedule that will work for me and find things that inspire me to write. One step at a time, I have an overall envision for what I want this site to look like and I will get it there.

Have a lovely long labour day weekend!


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