Personal Challenge – January 2018

Instead of resolutions, I used to set myself up with a monthly goal that would challenge my habits but wasn’t too big of a leap that I wouldn’t be able to achieve it. These small steps led to a stronger, healthier lifestyle. A lot of those changes are still alive and well and are what led me to decide to pick up the challenges again. I am wanting to continue to better myself and my life, one manageable change at a time.

One of the best outcomes from my personal challenge series was finding Barre. I now work at the studio part time and am nearing the completion of my training to become an instructor. However, having moved further away from the studio and now working there some evenings, I am in class less and less. I miss the feeling of empowerment and accomplishment that I got from attending class and the tone of my muscles. 

My goal for January is to attend class twice a week. I will give myself a touch of leeway because I may need to travel for work, but really 9 classes this month shouldn’t be impossible. Might even be able to find a class while on the road!

What are your goals this month? Are you more into resolutions or short-term goals? Would love to hear what works for you.


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