Personal Challenge – January 2018: Conclusion

January’s personal challenge was a giant womp. I had no idea what this month would have in store for me when I had set my intentions. Where I stand now is a much better place than a month ago but getting myself into the studio went on the back burner.

I head into February about to start a new role in my day job, having a full week of travel under my belt and nearing completion of my online course. There will be plenty of opportunity to get back to this goal and kill it in the near future. Which i promise to myself i will do.

Anyone who has been following Lovely Littlest Life is aware that Barre is a huge part of my life. 2 years ago i was hunting for a workout that really fit me and my goals but also brought joy into my life. Barre hit the nail on the head so much so that I have a second job working at the studio. Unfortunately the downside to working there is not being able to attend as many classes but damn do I ever love interacting with clients and just being there. It is my happy place whether i am shaking my way through class or checking people in at the front desk.

It’s ok to not reach all of your goals. Life happens but keep pushing yourself and if the goal is important to you don’t give up on it. Maybe just put it aside for the time being until things workout or depending on your situation make a bigger effort to make time for yourself and your goals. Do what is best for you.

Congrats to everyone who killed their goals this month, and cheers to those still hustling to get there. You will get there if you keep pushing, one step at a time.


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