Launching A Business

We did it! It’s been almost two weeks since we launched our online store. Let me tell you a bit about this.

So there’s this guy I met a few months ago who has become my business partner. Never did I ever consider myself a business person but here I am, co-founder of our business.

He already had his own online retail store that targets rave and festival goers but wanted to branch out and enter the fitness apparel world. Not knowing what women look for in this domain, he puts the idea on the back burner.

Coincidentally him and I were introduced on the same day that I found out that our barre studio was closing. I had also taken a break from school and had so much time on my hands.

I was still skeptical when he pitched me the idea. At first I thought that I could just give him some insight and we’d be on our merry ways but the more that I thought abut it, the more ideas I had and the more involved I wanted to be.

Of course I had a million questions but he didn’t flinch when answering any of them. I got more and more comfortable with the idea and finally agreed to give it a try. We agreed to a variety of conditions then got to work.

Astrum Cursive HoodieDesigning clothing, researching manufacturing companies, building a website, getting all of our licensing and legal stuff done; we were well on our way. Don’t kid yourself though, those things took time, a lot of discussions, work and a heck of a whole lot of questions (especially on my part).


We set ourselves a launch date goal and boy were there ever quite a few times where I thought we’d never make it to that launch on time. Happily surprised, we did it and had our soft launch on May 23rd. We are still building our business and learning everyday but are elated to have the virtual doors open.Astrum Shadow Leggings

Our online store can be found at . If you would like to purchase anything from the site, help yourself to discount code WELCOME20 for a 20% discount off of your entire purchase.

Astrum Cover Shot.png

I am excited for this new adventure. It’s been a lot of fun trying something new. You never know what saying yes will do for you.


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