Waiting on the World to Change

The world has changed a lot the past few weeks. This COVID-19 virus has taken everyone by storm. Present parties not excluded. It’s been almost two weeks since I worked from the office. I have a fold out table in my parents front room for my make-shift office and my tiny tablet screen instead of my usual 3 screen setup. It also makes me miss my kitchen table sized desk that I had at my apartment. We are all adjusting to this new (temporary) normal.

As the world moves to only essential services being open, much of my health stuff has been put on hold too. The optometrist had to cancel my eye health appointment, the acupuncture clinic had to temporarily close their doors, I have to do therapy via Facetime… there has been no update on my brain scans or neurologist appointment either. I am playing the waiting game more than ever now.

I thought it would be more difficult to work from home. I have settled into my spot in the house and have been good at not getting distracted by snacks and other treats. I don’t know how long we’ll be in this situation so I figured that I might as well get cozy.

I hope that both this virus and the waiting game doesn’t last too long but I understand and can’t fight that this is truly out of my control. Just gotta keep waiting!

Cheers for now.


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