A Step Towards Answers

Easter Sunday was slightly different than past years. I was scheduled to go for my head CT scans.

Not gonna lie, I was really nervous. One, because I was heading to a hospital in the middle of a pandemic. Two, I was going to find out if I had a brain bleed or a tumour which could explain the setbacks I have been experiencing.

I got to the hospital and checked in at the main entrance. They had me discard my PPE, sanitize and put on fresh PPE. I was then told to exit the building and walk around to the emergency department to register myself. Get to emerg and there wasn’t a single patient there. Literally not one person waiting to be seen. I repeated the same process and then was told to go back outside again, following their directions and go to a different area of the hospital. I did that and then had to sanitize a third set. I get to a new waiting room, call the technician on a phone and a guy magically appears all decked out in PPE. He tells me to follow him and we go to the CT room.

When it was done I was free to go. I was in and out before my appointment was scheduled to start. I don’t think that I have ever heard of that happening at a hospital. They let me know it would be 3 to 5 days before my doctor had my results.

Having that test done, I immediately started to feel a sense of relief. Regardless of the results, I just took another step closer to figuring things out.

Fast forward just a little bit to this morning. The doctor’s office called with news. Good news! My scans came back clear. No brain bleed, and no tumour. Phew!! The worst case scenario is off the table. I was not expecting my results to come so quickly either.

I asked the lady if my doctor said what the next steps were. She said that she would have my doctor call me to discuss.

This afternoon my lovely doctor called. We had a nice chat. I am still on the wait list to see the neurologist. She also had some suggested about my migraines and what i can do to make them more manageable while i wait. She reminded me that it could still be a couple of months before i get in and told me to check back in a couple of weeks.

I really cannot say enough about how caring my doctor has been during this whole thing. I have had much different experiences in the past with other doctors. Having that extra support is a bit of a game changer if you ask me. I have felt heard and taken seriously through each step so far.

So now I am back to the waiting game, but i can rest easier at night knowing that this likely isn’t life threatening. I hope that whatever it is will be manageable because i have high hopes for my future.

xo. K.

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