The Next Step

I believe that the general consensus about 2020 is that it has been a dumpster fire of a year. So many people finished 2019 thinking that 2020 was going to be the year that they knocked their goals out of the park, did something amazing and created amazing memories.

A global pandemic has slowed us all down. We stayed home, worked from home, canceled vacations, started to sport masks anytime we headed out, and stopped making plans. As we head towards another new year our rate of infection is setting new record almost daily but there is hope that the incoming vaccines could get us back to some level of normal.

On a personal level the year has been a lot of waiting. My last post, back in May, talked about my appointment with the neurologist. She eventually prescribed a treatment, but it required pre-approval from the insurance company for coverage. I got the paperwork in as quickly as possible and waited what I was told would be five to ten business days… that turned into multiple follow up calls, them losing my claim multiple times, and months of waiting.

Last week I finally got a letter in the mail that confirmed that my claim had been approved. I didn’t waste a moment and got an appointment with the neurologist to finally get my treatment. I now have the vials sitting in my fridge waiting for tomorrow’s appointment. I am a little nervous to be getting injections in my head, but I am hopeful that it will be helpful.

In some ways it seems fitting that it’s happening at the end of the year. It is closing off the chapter that is 2020 with some hope. During the span of the year there has been a lot of sitting and waiting. There has been change, and a new version of normalcy. I’ve had to sit with this new reality all year. I’ve gotten used to writing things down, having to ask a lot of questions, and seeing things with a fresh perspective. In some ways it served me and brought small joys getting to revisit things to see what I did/didn’t remember.

I also moved self-care up the priority list. Therapy, acupuncture and reiki have been my escape from the house. They are in consistent rotation and have been a wonderful additions to my life. If you haven’t given any of them a go and have the ability to try, I think that 2020 might be a prime time. Finding some calmness and tools to deal with the changes helped get me through this year. I like to think that I am now better equipped for whatever comes next.

Well, it’s getting late and I should hit the hay. I’ve got a big day tomorrow. Getting goop injected into my head. I hope it doesn’t hurt!

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