About The Blogger

Born & raised in Alberta, I have been lucky enough to be a drive away from the mountains, one of the world’s largest malls and many well known annual events.
Being a recent grad from the U of A, I am eager to travel and live in the “grown-up” world.
Part of my inspiration behind doing this blog are the many wonderful bloggers and YouTube gurus that share wonderful tips, how-tos, reviews and personal stories. The majority of those are based out of the US and we seem to be missing out on some awesome Canadian content.
I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing other’s thoughts about a variety of topics including beauty products, travel destinations, food, events and even how to bear those cold winter days.
Let the blogging begin!


  1. I hope you aren’t discouraged by the lack of engagement from readers.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and check it daily for posts. I hope you find more inspiration soon!

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    • That is so sweet of you! I am new to the whole concept of blog awards & nominations. I will need to educate myself. Thank you for such kind words!
      Also, I am subscribed to your blog and am loving your theme that you have going on. Very creative!

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      • Well thank you! I appreciate that! And no worries 🙂 the awards are just really a way to network more! When I got my first one I thought it was spam. Haha. Just a way to learn more about bloggers and to meet new bloggers!! Happy blogging girl!

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