June 2015 Favourites

Time sure is flying these days! I realized that we are already a week into July and I have yet to post my favorites & empties from last month. I have a whole bag of empties to dish about (hopefully get to up tomorrow) but not as many favourites. None the less, here are last month’s favourites!

Favorite Tourist Attraction: Calgary Zoo! This month a couple of friends and I went to the zoo. Although it was a scorcher outside, we enjoyed it very much. My favourite animals there are the hippos and giraffes. The dinosaur area of the park was more entertaining than I remembered it being. I do not remember the dinosaurs moving and making noises. Maybe this is a new feature?

Favourite Treat: Cold Lime Gelato Tea. With my Surgarless June and the heat being as high as it was, drinking some cold Lime Gelato tea over ice from David’s Tea was incredibly refreshing. This is one of my holy grail teas from them and I still love it.

Favourite Netflix Series: Orange Is The New Black – As there was a new season released, I, like most of the world, stopped and watched the whole darn thing. I like that this season focuses on characters who were more foil characters in the past. It goes to show that everyone has their own story no matter their relevance to your own. Hopefully that was not a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet!

Favourite Netflix Movie: Whiplash! Oh my goodness do I ever love this movie! I have watched it a couple times and anyone who asked me what to watch on Netflix, I get super excited to tell them about Whiplash. This is a fantastic movie no matter which genre of movie you prefer. You get drama, comedy, music, violence and coming of age all wrapped into one amazing show.

Favourite Podcast: TED Radio Hours – Hopefully most of you have heard about TED Talks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design. They are keynote speeches from various people and their specialties. These TED Radio Hours are topics that can be touched on by a couple of different TED Talks and highlights different perspectives or points on the same thing. I enjoy them and highly recommend them.

Favourite Mascara: I love me some CoverGirl mascara, but this month I have stumbled upon a travel sized version of Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. Well holy moly, someone deserves a good pat on the back for this mascara. No clumps, just curled, voluminous, long lashes. Everything anyone could possible want in their eyelashes in one coat. Yup, one coat. I am afraid to see what this mascara costs per tube. I would have obtained it in my Sephora favourites box. I definitely see why it was in there! It is the most beautiful mascara that I have ever used. I have even put makeup on over the weekend when I am at home cleaning, just for an excuse to put this stuff on. Love it!!!

Favourite Foundation: Technically this is a tinted moisturizer, but since it fills in the role of foundation, this is where it will go: Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer! It is easy to apply, doesn’t come out patchy or streaky like some other tinted moisturizers that I have tried and it seems to wear well throughout the day. I know that it is pricy so this will probably be the only time that I own it. I am glad to have it in June when we had those few days at 30+ degrees!

Favourite Candle: DW Home has made my home smell so good. Their Poolside Splash still is the perfect scent for my home in the summer months. I got it from Marshalls for I believe $8.00 and it taking so long to burn. It was definitely worth its $8.00. I have checked out their site and it looks like they are still working on getting it to full capacity. I am excited to see what their future scents will be.


Like I said, not to many favourites from June, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s post regarding all the products that I used up!

Until then, I hope that you enjoy your Tuesday 🙂


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