Winter Wonderland in British Columbia

Folks, I am warning you now that the pictures in this post are heavenly.

The third location for this wintery week is in the beautiful province of British Columbia! My friend Kelli grew up there and has since moved back. Although I miss having her smiling face around and someone to go on bike rides with, I do love seeing the pictures that she posts on Facebook of those mountains!

mountains 1Could you please tell everyone where you live?

Golden, BC

How long does winter tend to last in your area?

About 5 months. We usually get our first snow fall around mid November and it lasts until the end of March

How cold does it get?

It can get up to -25, but the temperature usually stays around -10

What kind of winter activities are unique to the Golden area?

Sledding is huge here. And heli skiing. We also have one of the best ski resorts in BC

mountains 2

Are there any winter events that take place in your area and do you partake in them?

The Snow King Masque Parade happens every February. I try to go to most of them if I can.

Is there a lot of ice fishing in that area?

I’ve never been big into ice fishing but there are lots of great places around here for it.


What is your favourite thing to do outside in the winter?

This is a tough one, I’d have to say downhill skiing or night time cross country skis with the girls. Oh but sledding is pretty fun too!

Kelli Ski

When is the last time you built a snowman?

Wow probably at least 5 years ago!

Who do you spend the most time with outside?

Friends and family

As a kid, what was your favourite thing to do in the snow?

Toboggan of course!

Being from the area that people think of as a winter getaway, where do you go for a getaway?

Banff is my favourite getaway in the winter. It’s a beautiful little town with so much life. Plus it has great restaurants, nightlife and shopping and its only an hour and a half away.

Are people into winter bike riding in that area?

I’ve seen a few people riding bikes, but its not huge here.

What is the coolest thing about being from Golden?

Having the mountains right in my backyard

What is a question that you get asked the most about being from Golden?

Does everyone really know each other?

Do you prefer to be up in the mountain slopes doing adrenaline rush type stuff (skiing/snowboarding) or down in the valleys enjoying the scenery type activities (snow shoe/ cross country skiing)?

Both are great, but nothing beats the feeling of being way up on the mountain tops

mountain tops

When you head back inside, what is the best way to warm up?

A hot shower always does the trick

In line with Canadian stereotypes, how much of a role does Hockey play in your life?

Which team, if any, do you cheer for and why? I’m not much of a hockey fan, but if I had to pick I team to cheer for it would be the Oilers. I was born in Edmonton, so I feel its owed to them!


Thank you Kelli for sharing your winter wonderland with us! Your pictures are beautiful and I know that in person they are that much more breath taking.

I cannot wait to head to the mountains soon. Those views don’t ever seem to get old. With that, here is one last picture to finish off this post!

mountains 3


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