The Ever Changing Thing Called Life

I’ve been quiet lately. Not just blog wise, but in all aspects of life. I’ve had trouble finding my words and have found it easier to be a spectator than a contributor. It turns out that that is my way of dealing and/or coping with change. I need the chance to process things first.

Some of the changes, just to name a few, include: a new roommate, starting school, a new boss, and a new scope added to my job.

Funny enough, all these things are propelling me to want to make even more changes in life. Get a second job, aim to have enough saved up to get my own place and finally pay off my vehicle.

Woah! When did I become an adult?! Okay, well maybe being on the verge of my 26th birthday may have something to do with it, but maybe I became an adult a while ago and am just realizing it now.

I do not know what this all means when it comes to frequency of posting or whatnot, but there will definitely be new things for me to explore and hopefully share once I find my voice again amongst the change. I am excited for the opportunities that are still unknown, for what these changes can enable and for the challenges that will frustrate me but that I will hopefully overcome…

When I started this blog I chose the name Lovely Littlest Life because my opinion is that life is lovely even with all the hurt, struggles and heartbreak that comes along with it. The negative should propel you to seek out the light and positivity in life. Working to rise above the uncertainty to find the positive makes it more meaningful and worthwhile.

This chapter in my life is no different. There will be a struggle to juggle everything, to maintain some kind of social life, to no give up when I feel worn down and to accept life when it doesn’t go according to plan. Heck, I’ve struggled to even just write this post. I’ve sat down and rewritten it 4 different times now. So here we go; I am finally going to put this post out into the world and get ready for the next thing I need to do today. Have a lovely rest of your day!

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