One Week Until Take Off

My Canadian flags are sewn onto my backpack and suitcase, my last load of laundry is in the dryer and my to-do list is finally starting to shrink. There is one week until I board my flight.
I am getting excited with a touch of nerves, worried that I am going to forget something important, lose my luggage or get lost. I guess those would all equal a good story to tell once I come home though!
Because of the time of year, I am struggling to decide what to pack; warm clothes, light clothes, mitts, rain gear, etc. So many choices!
I am still wanting to map out some of the hot spots to check out during my free time in different cities. I cannot wait to walk around cities like London, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome and Paris. These are things I’ve dreamt about since being a little girl.
One more week to go!!

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