Famous Canadians

This great big country of ours is loaded with great big talent. Sure we are all aware of Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, and Shania Twain, but here are a few people you may not have realized are from our home and native land:

1) Michael Cera – born in Brampton, Ontario; this goofy actor is known for his roles in movies such as Juno and Superbad.

2) Seth Rogan – speaking of Superbad, funny man actor and writer Seth Rogan is from Vancouver, BC.

3) Nathan Fillion – known by some for his role in Firefly and by others as Castle, Mr. Fillion is from Edmonton, AB.

4) Eric McCormack – yup, that’s right folks! Will from Will & Grace was raised in Toronto.

5) Howie Mendel – The America’s Got Talent judge isn’t American after all!

6) Jillian Harris – Bachelor/Bachelorette alumni grew up in Peace River, AB and now can be seen on HGTV

7) James Cameron – the man who brought us films like the Titanic and Avatar is from a small town in Ontario.

8) Cobie Smolders – not only did she play a Canadian on How I Met Your Mother, but Cobie actually dawns from Vancouver.

9) Sandra Oh – known best for her role as Christina in Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh is from an Ottawa suburb.

10) Anna Paquin – whether you know her from X-Men, True Blood or as a child star in Fly Away Home, you may not have known that she is from Winnipeg.

11) Neve Campbell – Growing up on the small screen as a San Francisco high school student, Neve is from Guelph, ON.

12) Kiefer Sutherland – not only is Kiefer born to two Canadians, but he is also the grandson of Tommy Douglas, the man we can thank for universal health care. Note, Kiefer was born in England.

13) Martin Short – Canadian funny man is from Hamilton, ON.

14) Emily VanCamp – first appearing in Everwood, this Port Perry, ON native went on to star in the abc hit series Revenge.

15) Shannon Tweed – Playboy Bunny and the wife of rock star Gene Simmons hails from Newfoundland!

How many of these shining stars did you know were Canadian? Who are others out there that are “closet Canadians”?

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