My New Netflix Obsession: Downton Abbey

I, like many others, have an addiction to Netflix. I have friends who know that if i am at home any evening that i have Netflix on. I love it, and I love so many of the shows that are on it. 

I am luckier than most. My roommate has American Netflix, and I have Canadian Netflix. That means I can have my Scandal and Downton Abbey too! 

I have been struggling lately to think of things to write about on here on Lovely Littlest Life. I always hear that people should write about what they know. I joke with myself that I don’t know much other than what I am watching on Netflix at the time. So here we are! A whole new topic: Netflix.

As I was saying… I am currently watching Downtown Abbey. I have made it through the first two seasons. At first, I honestly fell asleep. I found it incredibly dull and the beginning, but when you know who did you know what in you know where… I was hooked. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then  you need to get on your Netflix and watch the first few episodes. The drama gets thick and the scandals are many! Take that, add beautiful costumes and parrellels between different classes and you’ve got a hit on your hands! I can see how it has become so successful. I love how diverse the characters are, how the craziest event in the show is actually based on a true story that was discovered in an old diary and how they even manage to encorporate Canada into the plot momentairily in the second season. 

It did take me a little while to accept that Maggie Smith might not be an actually witch, even though i still want to refer to her as Professor McGonagall. I adore the interaction between her character and cousin Isobel. Those two ladies are a hoot and a half! 

All in all, I give this show two thumbs up. I think I may just watch some more right now….

What do you suggest i watch next on Netflix? Leave a comment and let me know šŸ™‚

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