Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day here in Canada.

What is Pink Shirt Day you might ask? It is a day to wear pink, standing up for those who are bullied.

Bullying is not just something that happens on the playground or in schools. Bullying often happens online, at work or even out in the general public. A lot of times bullying stems from a lack of education about various cultures, disabilities or illnesses. This is no excuse to treat someone poorly, and by wearing pink tomorrow you are showing support to people who may silently be struggling with it.

Perhaps you even bullied someone once. If you are able, why not take tomorrow as an opportunity to reach out to someone you may have hurt and let them know that you were in the wrong and apologize. It will not undo past actions, but it could help someone move forward and realize that those hurtful words shouldn’t carry weight in their life.

If you do not have a pink shirt, you can head over to the closest London Drugs and pick up a “Kindness is One Size Fits All” pink shirt.

Pink Shirt Day


For more information on Pink Shirt Day, here is a link to their site.

Also, if you do wear pink, take a picture and post it to social media using #pinkshirtday. Feel free to tag me in it as well! I would love to see your pink shirts!!



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